Bohemia Elenor 2. best kennel 2012

Contesa of Bohemia Balada best female 2012

Calypso Bohemia Elenor best baby/puppy 2012



19.6.2018 -  All puppies have their new loving homes

23.5.2018 -  Two beautifull boys looking for perfect new home.


Charon Bohemia Elenor CEA Normal, MDR1 +/- (after parantage), DM N/DM 



Cheiron Bohemia Elenor CEA Carrier, MDR1 +/- (after parantage), DM N/N




20.4.2018 - puppies are 5 weeks old and they are so sweet. If you want good partner for life - 4 males are still available. Beautifull, happy and clever boys :-)



6.4.2018 - Today we have three weeks and so we have the first feeding not from mother. And also the deworming. We are already big and beautiful - still the possibility of booking some guys. The names of girl: Charity and Chloe (from Greek mythology), and boys: Chaos, Charon, Cheiron and Chronos (from Greek mythology), Cherti (from Egyptian mythology), Chango (African mythology), and Chac (Mayan mythology).



28.3.2018 - today is born day - such an angelic girl. Despite the fact that, according to ultrasound in the 27th days "pregnancy" was not confirmed, we decided that Calypso would already be eliminated from the breeding. But she surprised us and we have one black pearl Iris Bohemia Elenor. She is a strong and beautiful tricolor little girl.




16.3.2018 - we have puppies :-). 7 boys and 2 girls. Girls are reservated, but some boys are still available. :-)



15.2.2018 - in the middle of March we expect sable puppies after our Eset Bohemia Elenor and Cres Bila Kaífa. Puppies will be CEA DNA Normal/Carrier and MDR1 +/- after parantage. If you are interested in reservation of puppies please contact us.

19.10.2017 - we have a confirmed that our Diana is pregnant and so we expect the birth of tricolor and bluemer puppies from Diana Bohemia Elenor x Kamikaze Limited Edition Smooth Drinks. Puppies will have name of our breeding station, but if you are interested in reservation of puppies please contact the owner of Ms. Tůmová This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. More in section planned puppies.

23.6.2017 -  We have to Changing the plans, our Calypso isn´t pregnant and so another cover will take place with another male. But in this time we are not ready tell you which one it will be. We also plan to cover one of our descendant: a beautiful bluemerle female Diana Bohemia Elenor, who will have his first and probably the only litter under the patronage of our kennel. More in the planned puppies section.


5.4.2017 - Héra Bohemia Elenor is sold CEA DNA Non-Carrier, MDR1 +/+, DM N/DM 



16.3.2017 - Héra Bohemia Elenor after canceled reservation. She is available CEA DNA Non-Carrier, MDR1 +/+, DM N/DM



16.3.2017 -  Today they are 8 weeks and first one will leave our house in this wekend.


9.3.2017 -  We were at the vet and all puppies are CEA, PRA, KAT free at 7 weeks, and we have the DNA results. All is in puppies section. All puppies are reserved in this time.

19.1.2017 -  Puppies are born. One boy and three girls. All sable. More information in puppies section.



6.6.2013 - We have a new website design

18.5.2013 - Artemis and Ollie are parents!!! We have 8 puppies - 5 boys and 3 girls. One boy is available!!!