12.3.2009 were born three boys and one girl - so here we are present - first, of course,

a lady (she also came into the world first) :)))


Athena Bohemia Elenor

The first puppy born at 11.45 it was a black beauty that we chose the name Athena, and because she was born first, majestic, beautiful and largest of the litter. Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom.

Show results: VP1, CAC, 3x r.CAC, NV

Artemus Bohemia Elenor

As the second was born a beautiful golden boy who reminded me immediately Artynku mom and so we gave him the name Artemus which in Greek means "gift from the goddess Artemis"

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Ares Bohemia Elenor

Third was born a beautiful tricolor boy to which we have chosen the name I do not know why, we just sat on him as Ares the Greek god of war.

Show results: 2x CAJC, 2x RPJ, 4x Best Junior, 6x CAC, 4x CACIB, 1x r.CACIB, 6x BOB

Achilles Bohemia Elenor

And as the last (probably thought that the best always end up going:)) was born golden boy whom we gave the name of an Achilles the Greek hero of the Trojan War, son of the goddess Thetis and King Pétea



Whashishi´s Gideon


58 cm

MDR1 +/+

CEA DNA Normal

VDH-Europajugendsieger 05, VDH Jahrhundertsieger, Clubjugendsieger CfBrH,
Dt. Jugendchampion,
VDH-Bundessieger, Rheinlandsieger 07, 4x VDH CAC, 3x CACIB, BOB ... Atd.

Whashishi´s Chinook

Markylla’s Magic Star Pretender

Markylla’s Mythological Midas

Markylla’s Sweet Blue Mary-Lou

Whashishi’s Alison

Nelson Black vom Hamburger Wappen

Lilymead Victoria

Fair-Oak’s New Mark

Snuggletooth Hayseed Hobo

Snuggletooth Traper Travis

Snuggletooth Corn Dolly Mo

Karenclan’s Flaming Love

Fairlines Last Minute

Karenclan’s X-elent Marylee


Artemis of Bohemia Balada


52 cm

MDR1 +/-

CEA DNA Normal

2x CAJC, 5x CAC, 1x r.CACIB, 1x CACIB, 1x NV, 1x vítěz Mladé Boleslavi, 3x BOB, 1x 3BIG


Be My Lord "Nelson" of Flying Heardbreakers


Fich. Dandinas Future



Sunsweet The Ringmaster


Dandinas Angel Lady


Collie´s Of Sealand Zuy



Int.Lux.RSM.VDH.Ch. Fairlines Spotted Blue Born


Int.Ch.Collie´s Of Seakind Number Seven Nice Nessica


GAYA Krásná Louka




Hassan vom Ihlpol


Wesanya Watchman

Daisy vom Ihlpol

Celine vom Ihlpol

Sunsweet The Ringmaster

Scandyline Cinja My Dream