and here they are - our "C" puppies :-):


Cronos Bohemia Elenor

Václav Bárta, Sojovice


The first is beautiful tricolor born weighing 265 grams boys whom we gave the name Cronos which is the name of gods and father of one of the Titans (Greek mythology).

Cerberus Bohemia Elenor

Heidi Van Wanghe, Belgium


As the second born beautiful bluemerle boy weighing 227 g which we gave the name Cerberus. It is three-headed dog that guards the entrance to the underworld. According to other ideas especially guarded the underworld before the live people (Greek mythology).

Comus Bohemia Elenor

Nina Tarabová, Prague


As the third was born again boy - tricolor, with a weight of 220 grams and got from us the name Comus. Which is God jokes comedy and mirth. Always full of laughter, and a little joker. The name comes from Greek mythology again.

Castor Bohemia Elenor

Michaela Škodová, Chrastava


As the fourth came into the world again dog - bluemerle :-) and weighing 260 grams. The name we gave him Castor which, together with his brother was in Greek mythology most famous heroes after Heracles. They are the sons of Zeus. They are sometimes referred to as Gemini, talking about them as brothers, step brothers, the twins sometimes. They are a symbol of strong fraternal bond that did not end or death of one of them. And they are part of two accentuated star constellation Gemini.

Calypso Bohemia Elenor

Bohemia Elenor kennel


As a fifth came into the world, finally a girl weighing 238 grams, and we named her Calypso which is the goddess of peace and nymph living on the island Ogygia..

Cupid Bohemia Elenor

Sluková Václava, Zliv


The sixth was born bluemerle little dog. He had just 137 grams and I was very worried about him, but he is small in stature, but a great fighter and so much eat and he cope it! The name we gave him a :-) Cupid god of love, desire and eroticism (Roman mythology).

Calliope Bohemia Elenor

Marešová Andrea, Týn nad Vltavou


And as the last puppy (the seventh) was born bluemerle girl weighing 239 grams and she was named Calliope which was in Greek mythology, daughter of Zeus, supreme god and goddess of memory Mnemosyne. She is muse of epic poetry.




Mabinogion King Arthur Pendragon


58 cm

MDR1 -/-

CEA DNA Normal

HD A (0/0)

IntCh, D Ch (VDH), LUX Ch, NL Ch, NL JCh, Bundessieger 2008

Sport & Work: Flyballchampion East Netherlands 2009

Eddy vom Ihlpol


CEA/PRA/Kat free (as puppy)
MDR1 -/-

IntCh, D Ch, LUX Ch, PL Ch, D JCh

Sport: BH

Collie´s Sealand Number Six Nice Nepomuk


Straightline´s Great Passion

Fairlines First Class Callgirl

Scandyline Cinja My Dream


Sunsweet The Ringmaster

Dalimattas Dancing Dream

Mabinogion Angel of Faith


CEA, PRA negativ as puppy and adult

IntCh, NL Ch, HopQueen 2004, Bundesiegerin 2004, Best Dutch Homebreed smooth collie 2004

Markylla´s Magic Star Award


Markylla´s My Mystery Man

Markylla´s Marianne Blue Star

Mabinogion Black Hope


Farthing´s Funny Kimo

Si-Si´s This Indian Summer


Contesa of Bohemia Balada


54 cm

MDR1 +/-

CEA DNA Carrier

Junior Champion ČR, Champion PL

3x CAJC, 3x Nejlepší Mladý, 1x CAC, 5x CWC, 2x CACA, CACIB, 2x r.CACIB, BOB


Pinehillside´s Hot Shot


MDR +/-, CEA DNA Carrier

Junior Champion Cz, Junior Champion Rakouska

Honey Melon Galliano Mist


Dalimattas Blue Berry Boy

Dalimattas Zabrina Melon

Pinehillside's Twist Again


Innkeeper's All Blues

Pinehillside's Black'N Beauty

Grace von dem Eisvogel


MDR +/-, CEA DNA Normal


Honey Melon Hartley Henry


Dandinas Amazing Spirit

Finnbeauty's Gipsey Girl

Turella's Moonflower


Asim Dream Alkami

Turella's Josephine


Litter journal "C"

12.7.2011 – Today Contesa began blood period. We were lucky - it was just two days after returning from the World Exhibition in Paris :-)

19.7.2011 – Today we went to our clever Dr. Short and the progesterone test result? Coverage should ideally take place 22.7.2011 on Friday and then possibly the next day.

21.7.2011 – Today we went on a long journey to Holland for the handsome King in the evening. The journey was really long and continued with some break throughout the night. If our trip was successful we find out about 19.8.2011 when we go to the ultrasound control.

19.8.2011 – Sono control with the result - we look forward to the babies and Mr. Dr. saw that them seven puppies in tummy :-)

21.9.2011 – Today we can consider the beginning stage of labor - opening, preparing mother for the birth, Conteska had reduced temperature and has refused to eat in the evening. She poke´s all night and I did not sleep and constantly checked if something is already happening :-)

22.9.2011 – Today, after six o'clock in the evening we noticed the first abdominal contraction. Everything went really quickly - in ten minutes I seen peeping baby.
18:20 first puppy is born - tricolor boy.
18:27 in seven minutes, was born another boy, this time bluemerle
18:35 Conteska parturition´s without a break for another baby and now born another tricolor boy
18:48 another baby in the world and again boy - bluemerle
19:09 Finally, the girl was born - beautiful tricolor princess :-)
20:33 Contesa is herself rest, came to walk out on garden and drank before he born tiny mite. A beautiful bluemerle dog that was so small that I worried about him and all night I patrolled him if drinking is okay. But it is a great fighter!
20:50 and seventh baby was born and it is the second princess - beautiful bluemerle female
22:55 Two hours after the last baby, I drove with proud new mother in the car to the non-stop veterinary medical. To control ultrasound abdomen, the doctor assured us that no more babies in the womb are not and so we went home.

24.9.2011 – Today we made the first big photograph puppies. Photos are here

29.9.2011 – Puppies are a week old and we have made weight control: Cronos 501g, Cerberus 395g, Comus 318g, Castor 447g, Calypso 437g, Cupid 211g a Calliope 465g. We also took pictures again. Photos are here

6.10.2011 – Today the puppies are two weeks old. The result of weight control: Cronos 796g, Cerberus 642g, Comus 511g, Castor 732g, Calypso 685g, Cupid 407g a Calliope 780g. And photos are here

11.10.2011 - Puppies first time eating milky porridge :-) And today, we first de-worming.

13.10.2011 – Today the puppies are three weeks. The result of weight control: Cronos 1211g, Cerberus 1043g, Comus 802g, Castor 1096g, Calypso 1045g, Cupid 708g and Calliope 1137g. And photos are here.

20.10.2011 – Today the puppies are four weeks old. The result of weight control: Cronos 16106g, Cerberus 1256g, Comus 1061g, Castor 1340g, Calypso 1417g, Cupid 910g and Calliope 1470g. And photos are here Puppies first time eating granule porridge :-)

27.10.2011 – Today the puppies are five weeks old. The result of weight control: Cronos 1960g, Cerberus 1816g, Comus 1523g, Castor 1736g, Calypso 1940g, Cupid 1167g a Calliope 2020g. And photos are here. This week the puppies the second dewormed.